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Norbeck Hills HOA Security Corner

Security is urging residents to please call the police department when a car is parked in the fire-lane. This could cut down on the response time. Security, along with Montgomery County Police, will vigorously enforce this violation with a fine of $250.00.

Home The reports below are security reports before 2011.

Home December 2010:

December 10, 2010, evening
Followed up on resident complaint that children
were turning on outside water spigots to watch
the water freeze. No confirmation or sightings

December 22, 2010, night
Checked out suspicious vehicles parked on MacDuff
Avenue but found no reason for alarm.

December 27, 2010, evening
Several traffic stops for four minor violations.

Home November 2010:

November 27, 2010, evening
Patrolled neighborhood and checked hot spots.
Made several traffic stops for minor violations
within the community.

Home October 2010:

October 1, 2010, evening
Responded to resident’s request for assistance regarding
possible break in to the garage (found nothing).
Stopped one vehicle for speeding on MacDuff Avenue.

October 3, 2010, night
Issued 13 parking violation notices on Sandy Knoll
Drive and Clifton Spring Court for violation of the
posted County No Parking Signs.

October 12, 2010, evening
Identified owner of vehicle parked in pool parking
lot and had the vehicle moved.

October 31, 2010, evening
Chased out two groups of teenagers hanging out in
the pool parking lot.

Home September 2010:

September 3, 2010, night
Made several traffic stops for minor violations.

September 11, 2010, night
Made several traffic stops for minor violations.

September 25, 2010, night
Called for service at a home on MacDuff Avenue.
Call went out as a burglary in progress but was
determined to actually be a landlord/tenant dispute.

Home August 2010:

August 4, 2010, evening
Checked cars along MacDuff Avenue for tags and
stolen vehicles (none noted).

August 20, 2010, night
Spoke with an individual who was looking inside a
storm drain. The individual stated he was trying to
see if something had dropped and rolled down

August 31, 2010, evening
Issued one citation for parking violation on
MacDuff Avenue.

Home July 2010:

July 2, 2010, night
Stopped five vehicles for minor traffic violations.

July 3, 2010, night
Responded to a call for a fight at a party and two
noise complaints about the same party.

July 4, 2010, night
Responded to several calls regarding fireworks in
the neighborhood.

July 14, 2010, night
Responded to anonymous noise complaint on Longview
Lane but did not hear any disturbance.

July 16, 2010, night
Issued four citations for illegal parking violations.

July 17, 2010, night
Stopped one vehicle for a traffic violation.

July 20, 2010, night
Responded to a call for disorderly conduct at a home
on MacDuff Avenue. An unknown male was reportedly
ringing the doorbell.

July 27, 2010, night
Issued a trespass order to an individual to stay out of
Cannes Lane. Monitored what appears to be drug
activity in that area. Note, Montgomery County Police
will be giving this area more attention on future shifts.

Home June 2010:

June 2, 2010, evening
Spoke with a resident of Longview Lane who advised
that someone had entered his vehicle over the past
several weeks and stole packs of cigarettes. The
resident advised that his car had been unlocked
and he did not file a Police report.

June 19, 2010, night
Received call from 4400 block of Cannes Lane
regarding an attempted vehicle break-in by a
known suspect.
Responded to a domestic/disorderly complaint at
Hines Court. A male resident at the address was
yelling and screaming. The house is a known drug
house to the Montgomery County Police.

June 21, 2010, night
Stopped three cars for minor traffic violations.

Home May 2010:

May 16, 2010, night
Responded to a call for loud music on Boastfield Lane.
Nothing found or heard.

Home April 2010:

April 7, 2010, evening
Assisted disabled vehicle and assisted on-duty police
officers in scoping out a house for drug dealing.

April 29, 2010, evening
Observed four Asian female juveniles climbing the
fence to the pool and stopped them.

Home March 2010:

March 4, 2010, evening
Assisted with serving a summons on Sandy Knoll Drive.

March 10, 2010, night
Observed green Chevrolet 4-door with Maryland tags speeding
through community. Driver attempted to elude security officer.
Was eventually stopped and the driver was identified as
resident of Cannes Lane who is a known drug user.

March 27, 2010, night
Made several traffic stops in neighborhood.

Home February 2010:

February 5, 2010, evening
Made two traffic stops for minor violations.

Home January 2010:

January 8, 2010, evening
Issued two parking tickets on MacDuff Avenue.

January 21, 2010, evening
Attended Board meeting to discuss crime issues with Board.

Home December 2009:

December 5, 2009, evening
Made list of street lights that are not working.

Home November 2009:

November 14, 2009, evening
1 traffic stop of note.

Home September 2009:

Septemper 1, 2009, pm
2 traffic stops made.

September 4, 2009, pm
Received call asking for officer to check on welfare of a resident of MacDuff Avenue. Person there and okay.

Septemper 7, 2009, pm
Ticketing of double parked vehicles.

Home June 2009:

June 12, 2009, pm
Issued traffic citation to a Corvette parked in the pool area for an insurance violation and ticketed two other vehicles.

June 13, 2009, pm
Investigated fire works complaint on Boastfield Lane. Issued parking tickets on Gallagher Way for double-parked vehicles.

June 23, 2009, pm
Residential alarm at MacDuff Avenue investigated male on the scene without the correct alarm code.

June 27, 2009, pm
Enforced parking violations on MacDuff Avenue.

Home May 2009:

May 16, 2009, pm
Assisted residents, have solicitors leave the community. Advised solicitors to leave.

May 26, 2009, pm
Resident of MacDuff Avenue called 911 to report seeing a Caucasian male, in his 20’s, wearing white shirt and shorts carrying what looked like a black machine gun with a clip. He had an orange shirt wrapped around his head. Officer checked entire neighborhood along with police unit who was dispatched. Could not find individual.

Home April 2009:

April 2, 2009, pm
Parking tickets issued for fire lane violations on Sandy Knoll Drive.

April 6, 2009, pm
Spoke with resident of Macduff Avenue regarding home security due to garage and house doors being kept open.

April 6, 2009, pm
Chased three juveniles who were loitering in the community and acting suspiciously. Identified these individuals and attempted to contact parents.

April 6, 2009, pm
Spoke with homeowner on Gallagher Way who stated appreciation for the security service and advised that he had seen an improvement in the neighborhood since the security company had begun work.

April 9, 2009, pm
Stopped a resident for a vehicle window tint violation. Resident was extremely hostile toward police and very disorderly.

April 9, 2009, am
Spoke with resident of Fisherman’s Court who advised that she was happy to see the security patrol during the day to let kids of the neighborhood know that they are being monitored.

April 16, 2009, pm
Street lights checked. Four identified as being out.

April 21, 2009, pm
Street lights checked. One identified as being out.

April 24, 2009, pm
Fire lane and double parking violations ticketed.

April 28, 2009, pm
Fire lane violations ticketed.

Home March 2009:

March 3, 2009, pm
Several residents were warned about parking in fire lanes.

March 6, 2009, pm
Several residents were warned about double parking their cars on Gallagher Way and Fishermans Court.

March 7, 2009, pm
Residents were warned for double parking their vehicles in the townhome courts.

March 14, 2009, pm
Residents were warned about double parking vehicles on Cannes Lane and Hines Court.

March 17, 2009, pm
Residents were warned not to park in fire lanes on Longview Lane.

March 18, 2009, am
Fight occurred at Macduff Avenue and Hines Road at approximately 1:26 am between a large group of intoxicated subjects. Montgomery County Police on-duty units responded.

Home October 2007:
Several tires of vehicles and trailers were punctured on MacDuff Avenue and a trailer was stolen.

Home September 2007:
Cars were vandalized on MacDuff Avenue.

Home August 2007:
A car was stolen from the driveway of a home on Goose Creek. Police raided homes in the community involving stolen vehicles and other crime issues. Please lock your cars and remove all valuables. We are in a crime spree at this time, specifically Hines Court and Sandy Knolls.

Home July 2007:
Residents reported attempted break-in of vehicles on Hines Court and Sandy Knolls.

Home June 2007:
Vehicles broken into on Longview Lane and two persons were arrested.

Home May 2007:
Commercial vehicles were ticketed and towed for owners not living in the community.

Home April 2007:
Vehicles parked on MacDuff Ave were egged (suspects were questioned and investigation is on-going): Arrest was made on an individual trespassing in the neighborhood.

Home March 2007:
Vehicles were vandalized on MacDuff Avenue. No other incidents were reported.

Home February 2007:
No incidents to report.

Home January 2007:
No incidents were reported.

Home November 2006:
No incidents were reported by police officials.

Home October 2006:
1 home (Hines Court area) and mostly cars were reported to have been broken into and the information has been given to Officer Peyton. The BB Gun incident has been reported also.

Home September 2006:
Cars were broken into on Hines Court. Persons went through cars and ransacked them, taking personal belongings. Please alert the police if you see any unusual activities. Security is unable to be every place at once.

Home August 2006:
No major incidents to report.

Home No security incidents for June or July 2006:
Vehicles were ticketed for illegal parking.

Home May 2006:
Officers stress that minature motor bikes are not allowed on public streets. Swimming Pool was vandalized. Officers ask that kids be inside when its dark. Report of kids vandalizing parts of the neighborhood. These kids will be detained until their parents comes to retrive them. And they will be issue a citation and their parents will pay for any damages done. Vehicles were ticketed and towed from the community for illegal parking.

Home April 2006:
There was a police bust on Gallagher Way. Cars were towed for illegal parking. Vehicles were ticketed on MacDuff Ave for illegal parking.

Home March 2006:

No major or minor issues were reported by security. Vehicles are still being ticket for illegal parking in the no-parking areas and fire-lanes.

Home February 2006:
No major or minor issues were reported by security. Vehicles are still being ticket for illegal parking in the town-houses courts and on MacDuff Ave.

Home January 2006:
No major or minor issues were reported by security. Vehicles are still being ticket for illegal parking in the town-houses courts and on MacDuff Ave.

Home December 2005:
A window was broken on a house in the Gallagher Way section of the town-houses. This was reported to the police. 15 vehicles were towed over a two week period for illegal parking. Overall, Security has reported a decrease in crime over the past few months in Norbeck Hills. They promise to continue being aggressive against all infractions throughout the community.

Home November 2005:
Residents reported that vehicles along MacDuff Ave are not being moved ( reported to Montgomery County for further review). Residents are continuing to park illegally in the town-homes parking lot. Six vehicles were towed over a two week period. Residents are asked to follow the parking guidelines at the pool parking lot. Vehicles will be towed if they are parked in there illegally. No major incidents reported.

Home October 2005:
Report of visitors using drugs on Cannes Lane. Visitors and residents speeding through parking area of Cannes Lane. Vehicles stickered and towed for illegal parking.

Home September 2005:
Six vehicles towed for illegal parking. Two vehicles ticket in the amount of $250 for parking in fire lane.

Home August 2005:
Gas stolen from vehicle on Sandy Knoll (Townhouse side). House on Cannes Lane (4500 block) was raided by Montgomery County Police. Cars towed for illegal parking. Montgomery County Police Department and Security wrote tickets on vehicles parked in fire lane.

Home July 2005:
July 22, six youths were detained; two of the six were arrested for having drugs on them.

Home May 2005:
On May 13, 2005 two young men (one a resident of Cherrywood and the other from Norbeck Hills) were arrested on the single family section of Sandy Knoll Drive by the Montgomery County Police. These two individuals were apprehended after a homeowner on Cannes Lane called to report a daylight break-in that had just occurred at her townhome.

Prior to this, the Gazette had reported there had been 3 break-ins or attempts occurring on April 22. Also around this date, two cross country motor cycles had been stolen at the 17400 block of Gallagher Way. Additionally, there was a break in reported to the police last week on 17400 Gallagher Way. The police believe all of these and others can be attributed to these two individuals who have been under surveillance for some time.

One of the two young men apprehended was over 18 years of age, the other is a juvenile. The break in and subsequent apprehension and arrests took place prior to 12:00-noon on May 13 2005.

Home April 2005:
Numerous vehicles were towed for parking violations. Report of gun shots in the woods between Gallagher Way and Cashell Road. Attempted break-in unit block of Hines Court between 5:30 AM and 7PM April 22. Attempted break-in 4500 unit block of Boastfield Lane between 7 AM and 3:30 PM April 22. Attempted break-in 4500 unit block of Boastfield Lane between 7 AM and 6 PM April 22.

Home March 2005:
Three vehicles were towed for illegal parking. Driver and occupants of an SUV were arrested for having drugs in the vehicle.

Home February 2005:
Two vehicles were ticket for illegal parking in the amount of $40.00 each. A & M Towing reported pulling a few vehicles for parking in the fire lane, illegal parking, and expired or no tags. Report of attempted car theft was reported to Montgomery County Police. Owner of the car interrupted the theft and the individual escaped.

Home January 2005:
Two vehicles were ticketed by security for parking in the fire lane in the amount of $250.00. A & M Towing reported two vehicles towed for parking in the fire lane, two commercial tag (paid drop fee), one vehicle tag for dead tags (towed), one vehicle towed for parking in the roadway, two vehicles ticketed for illegal parking (action pending). Report of kids fighting on Hines Rd and Sandy Knolls.

Home December 2004:
Three juveniles were detained for starting a fire in the woods behind Gallagher Way. Three vehicles were towed from the fire-lane; other vehicles were also towed for illegal parking and expired tags or no tags. Security issued numerous parking tickets on MacDuff Ave for illegal parking and speeding. Montgomery County Drug Task-force arrested a few juveniles on drug charges. A juvenile was reported missing by its parents, but was later found at another resident's house within the community.

Home October 2004:
Parking tickets were issued for parking in the fire lanes. Conviction of youth visiting this community for drugs. Vehicles towed for illegal parking.

Home September 2004:
Speeding tickets issued on Hines and MacDuff Ave. Report of domestic violence. Parking tickets issued.

Home June 2004:
Four $250.00 tickets were issued for parking in the fire lanes. Domestic disturbance call was answered by security (no arrest made). Kids were given warning for loitering at entrances to townhomes. Parents were warned that kids riding bicycles must wear a helmet. (Kids were taken to their homes) If caught again, their bicycles will be confiscated. Speeding tickets were issued on MacDuff Avenue and Hines Road.

Home May 2004:
One $250.00 fire lane parking violation was written. Report of teenagers drinking and smoking in the woods
behind Gallagher Way and Cashell Road. Various other minor parking violations were given out.

Home April 2004:
3 cars were towed for illegal parking. A group of kids were asked to "move on" from loitering at the corner of Cannes Lanes and MacDuff. Officers reported no other infraction and ask that we thank the residents for closing their garages and for their support.

Home March 2004:
Numerous speeding tickets were issued on Hines Rd. Two individuals were cited for operating a vehicle without
a valid driving license. 3 fire lane parking violations were issued.

Security has stated that they will patrol more aggressively now that the days are longer and the weather is starting to warm up. They expect more activity within the community and the surrounding neighborhoods. If you see anything strange within the community, please contact the police department.

Another stolen car was dumped on Sandy Knoll Drive March 15 and removed by police. As you can see we are having a car theft problem here in the Olney area. This is why the cars that are not being moved on the public street must be towed. Criminals notice things like that. In a HOA near by, at least eight vehicles have been reported stolen.

Home February 2004:
Two kids were arrested and released to their parents for vehicle vandalizing. Montgomery Co. Police Department confirmed NHHOA that a convicted murder/sex offender was living in the area. Numerous parking tickets were issued for various violations.

Home January 2004:
Reports of valuables being removed from cars overnight. Tickets issued for fire lane parking violations. Six tickets issued for parking beyond the no-parking sign. Report of house burglary in the single family section. Numerous speeding tickets were issued.

Home December 2003:
Two drug busts and numerous parking tickets were written. Two stolen cars were towed out of the community. A car was also stolen during the Christmas holiday from Sandy Knolls. There were reports of a group of kids vandalizing the trash cans at the corner of Cannes Lanes. Problems with kids throwing snowballs at cars was reported. Two tickets were issued: one for Fire Lane and one for No Parking area.

Home Security Tips:

Do not leave valuables in your car overnight and make sure to lock your car doors. Someone is going around taking things out of cars at night.

Single-family Homeowners should keep their garage doors closed to minimize temptation.

Tickets will be issued to speeders on Hines Road and MacDuff Ave as excessive speeds have been observed.

Security will be out on patrol Friday nights. If you have any areas of concern, please contact the Norbeck Hills Board

Note: This page will be updated periodically.

If you ever have a question or see any "suspicious behavior" please report it directly to the Olney Police Substation at 301-279-8000 and then notify the Norbeck Hills Board so we may post it on this website. If you wish to remain anonymous, please tell us in your email. Overall, the HOA Board feels that Security is doing a great job.